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Point of Sale – POS Software

Top Point of Sale – POS Software for your company in Bangladesh

Why you need POS Software for your Business?

Software development and experience in developing software for small and medium-sized businesses using digital technologies. Every small or large company needs the right tools and effective methods to keep it up and running. We can feel their pain and to solve their problems, we have developed various solutions such as hotel ERP, HRM, accounting and inventory management software, POS system, smart ERP, inventory management and so on.


Best POS Software in Bangladesh

Smart Invoice makes it easy to create new invoices with just a few clicks: and save products, set tax rates and send the invoice to the customer via email via the app. The application offers your customers CRM-like management. Enter contact details, notes or add custom fields for your own details such as project IDs.


Enter payments for invoices in Smart Invoice and track the customer’s balance. All payments can be linked to an invoice to track payments using different payment methods. No special knowledge is required to operate the system. Any non-technical person can easily operate the system.

Attractive Dashboard

✔ Total Purchase
✔ Total Sales
✔ Purchase Due
✔ Invoice Due
✔ Sales Last 30 Days Chart
✔ Sales Current Financial Year
✔ Sales Current Financial Year
✔ Purchase Payment Due
✔ Product Stock Alert

Product Management

✔ List Products/ Recipe
✔ Add new Product
✔ Product Print Labels
✔ Product Variations
✔ Selling Price Group
✔ Product Units
✔ Product Categories
✔ Add Product Brands
✔ Product Brand List

Quick Sale (POS)

✔ All Sales Module
✔ Add New Sale
✔ List of POS
✔ POS Module
✔ Sales Drafts List
✔ Sale Quotations List
✔ Sell Return List
✔ Discounts Setup

Purchase Management

✔ List Purchases
✔ Add New Purchase
✔ List Purchase Return
✔ Quick Purchase Module

Supplier & Customer Management

✔ Add Suppliers
✔ Suppliers List
✔ Add Customers
✔ Customers List
✔ Customer Groups
✔ Import Contacts

Expenses Module

✔ List Expenses
✔ Add Expenses
✔ Expense Categories
✔ Upload Expence Invoice

Setup Module

✔ Add Users
✔ Add Manager
✔ Add Cashier
✔ Add Counter
✔ Tax Setup

Report Management

✔ Profit / Loss Report
✔ Purchase & Sale
✔ Tax Report
✔ Supplier & Customer Report
✔ Customer Groups Report
✔ Stock Report
✔ Stock Adjustment Report
✔ Items Report
✔ Product Purchase Report
✔ Product Sell Report
✔ Purchase Payment Report
✔ Expense Report
✔ Register Report
✔ Balance Sheet
✔ Trial Balance

POS Software Pricing

Buy the Top POS Software in reasonable Price in Bangladesh


For your Company



  • Free Software Domain
  • Single Company – 1 User
  • Monthly Service Charge: 1000 Tk.


Preferred by professionals



  • Free Software Domain
  • Single Company – 03 User
  • Monthly Service Charge: 1600 Tk.


Used by teams



  • Free Software Domain
  • 5 Company – Multiple User
  • Monthly Service Charge: 5000 Tk.